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This journal is locked, but in a friendly way.
Feel free to add me; commenting or messaging to say hi is always appreciated.

My posts tend to be concerned with myself, my life, and very little of actual interest. I do however love talking to and meeting new people so if you can deal with the occasional emo post and the occasional annoyingly happy post, feel free to say hey and add me.

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I have this random thing of comment on my friends' "friends only" posts when I urgently have to say something. Just so you know. :D Twas looking at your profile (not a stalker, really >_>) and read this:

Little bit of a pervert, really.

*scoffs* Hahah, just a tad bit? ... LIES, I SAY! XD That is all.

ZOMG STALKER!!! HALP! ...Kidding, I look at people's profiles all the time. My friend used to call me a creepy stalker and she probably had a point. I would tell her at school what she had been listening to the night before, haha. I think that's how it went, at least.

LIES?! Pssh, I don't know WHAT you could mean. I'm a part-time pervert, and a weak one at that.
*shifty eyes*

Bwahah! Those times at night when you think somebody's watching you? THAT'S ME. *cackles* I mean, erm ... I don't stalk anybody at all >_> Oo-er, that does sound rather stalkerish. It's only if I'm head over heels in love with someone that I become a weird, bitchy psycho that eavesdrops and follows them everywhere they go. Aha.

Yes, LIES! Lies, lies, scathing lies! You were corrupting me earlier on, I seem to remember (like I could be anymore corrupted, but yes you were). Nuh-uh, you're a full-time Pervert Queen Of The World, tsk. I love your pervert-ism really ♥

Btw, that "bitchy psycho eavesdrop" thing was a lie. Or at least an exaggeration, haha XD

YAY I HAS A STALKER! Haha no worries, it didn't sound TOO bad, I'm sure I could give you a run for your money in the bitchy psycho stakes :D It's a normal girl thing!

I had an ulterior motive... I was proving just how corrupted YOU are. By attempting to corrupt you and failing, I demonstrated that you are BEYOND CORRUPTION and should join me on the Pervy Throne. If I'm the Queen, would you like to be my King? If you prefer, we'll just be a pair of Queens and the entire male gender can have their status dropped to Loyal Minions at the Beck and Call of Every Whim and Fancy of the Royal Throne-Sitters (that's us, by the way). AND THEN... ALL THE MEN IN THE WORLD WILL BE UNDER OUR CONTROL.

Ghey sex anyone? ;D

HAHAHA YOU'RE ACTUALLY HAPPY ABOUT IT?! XD Pfft, if I told one of my offline girl friends about the whole "bitchy, psycho" thing they'd probably look at me as if I was a weird alien creature ... or something. Perhaps it's just a characteristic of perverts? ;P

:O Nooooooo! I am PURE, really!
But that Pervy Throne sounds like a great offer (and made me laugh so much I nearly choked on my cup of tea, which isn't so good, haha). I accept the throne as fellow Queen! ^_~ Right, first thing's first -- WITH OUR NEW ROYAL POWERS, WE SHALL MAKE ARTHUR + MERLIN HAVE GHEY SEX! AND LOTS OF IT TO BOOT! ;D


1. Being stalked as opposed to the one doing the stalking makes a nice change
2. I take stalking as a compliment
3. I doubt I could have a more brill stalker XD

I think we perverts may be a whole other species, you know. When I told my offline friends about merlinfest (have you seen that..? It's the most AWESOME idea ever. You know, aside from the idea of Merlin in the first place) they just despaired with me. That was my three closest mates; afterwards we got drunk and I started telling someone else less close about it and my mates jumped on me to prevent me telling anyone else. Apparently people would think me a bit nuts XD

You're right... You're a PURE 100% PERV! XP
Oh God, don't go choking on my account! Still, if you've got to choke, a Pervy Throne is as good a reason as any.
YES. This is of utmost importance. We shall have to have plenty of lubricants imported to supply Merlin and Arthur alone you know, never mind our entire kingdom queendom!

Okay so it's 2am and i'm freezing cold and stalking your journal, and usually at this time I rarely think before I do so here, have a comment ...

I MISS YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUU! Where are you my dear pervy queen?! ♥

/crawls back under rock


I'm totally out of the real world at the moment; we still have no internet in our house.I reckon it'll be a few weeks before we get any, because we still have no money from the student loans company :( But I promise, as soon as we have internet installed I WILL BE BACK. Muchos perving will continue as normal XD

*drags you out from rock and smothers you with missingness*

hi, this is 15th_moon. I renamed and cleared my "friend of" list, please add me again?

Sure! XD I really like the new name, by the way.

Sorry to Stalk You Here...


Sorry to be a pain in the arse, but we need you to check in here:


PS Beautiful layout!!!!

Hey! We have SUPER taste on Last.Fm! We should be friends! X

Hello! Yes, I agree that we should xD Unfortunately, internet is a problem for me currently, so if you don't hear from me in a little while, that's why... I'll be back to the land of internet usage in a week, I look forwards to saying hello in a better way and having a more thorough look at your! Loving the Elly icon, by the way. That woman is a goddess.

Awww.. you are a sweetheart!!
I'm seeing La Roux on Tuesday!! I'm so excited EEP! You are absolutely right - Elly is a true Goddess!
I love your icon too! ♥ED!

Oh, I'm so incredily jealous! I hope you have a wonderful time. And, Ed! I never before met anyone who knew who he was :D I just gave my housemate a mix playlist of artists I listen to a lot and she liked At The Feet of Re, which makes me happy. Also, is that your tattoo on your I love it!

EEk! Very exciting! Awww I was so sad when Larrikin Love broke up.. I still haven't got round to listening to any of the Pan I Am stuff...
Yes! that's my tattoo! BIG Patrick Wolf fan and that was inspired by my favourite song - Teignmouth.. ♥x


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